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Signs Your Business is the Target of a Cyberattack




A successful cyberattack can represent a massive threat to the future of any business. The consequences of a successful cyberattack can be hugely varied. You will likely experience downtime and a reduction in internal productivity rates. A successful cyberattack can cause significant financial repercussions. You will also likely experience reputational damage and a loss of customers.

Being targeted by a cybercriminal means that the very future of your business is at risk. With the number of successful cybercrimes on the rise, it has never been more important to keep your business protected. Being able to spot if your business is a target for cybercriminals will help you keep your company, staff, and customers safe. Here are the most common signs that you have been targeted.

A Ransomware Message

A ransomware message is the most obvious sign that your business is the target of a cyberattack. A ransomware attack will usually lock you out of your device, making it impossible to access. A ransomware message will then be displayed demanding payment in order for you to regain access. This is the most common form of threat conducted by cybercriminals today, so it is important that you have security measures in place to protect your business.

A Phishing Message

A phishing attack is a type of cybercrime that involves a cybercriminal contacting you. This usually occurs over email but it can happen in other forms, too. The attacker will disguise themselves as a trustworthy party, maybe your bank or a customer. They will then try to gain access to your information or extort money from you. A phishing message will usually try to elicit heightened emotions and a sense of urgency in order to increase the chances of the recipient conducting the desired actions.

You should educate all of your staff so they are aware of this threat and know how to spot the signs of a phishing attack. As Complete Document Solutions describes, cybercriminals often use social engineering tactics to trick people into action. It is vital that you educate your staff so they are not unwittingly putting your business at risk.

Remote Control

If you ever notice that a particular feature of your computer or laptop doesn’t seem right (maybe your cursor moves without you touching the mouse) this might be the sign of a cyberattack. This type of attack is called a Trojan or a remote desktop hack. If you believe that you have fallen victim to this form of attack then you should disconnect from the network as soon as possible. You will then need to perform a cybersecurity scan and update your security measures.

A Slowed Processing Time

Most people assume that the effects of cybercrime will become noticeable, at least over time, as the attacker tries to extort money from you. In reality, however, it’s not always this simple. Often, a cybercriminal will look to gain access to your computer and use your processing power to mine for cryptocurrencies. If you notice that your network speed is significantly reduced or that your computer is running more slowly than normal, it might be a sign of a cyberattack.If you notice a slowdown in processing speeds then you should use a cybersecurity service or software to perform a scan of your device. This will help you to establish if the problem is the result of a successful cyberattack or another problem.

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