5 Reasons to Mobilize Your Website, Now

    These days, so many people rely on their mobile devices to find information on the Internet that it is hugely important to make your website mobile-friendly, and perhaps utilize the expertise of a mobile marketing agency in order to be sure it is done right. Customers can be easily annoyed if they are in a hurry to find what they need on their phone or tablet, but the information is hidden in a cumbersome site. Your website probably looks great on a typical PC monitor or laptop, but to be sure it performs in a mobile context, perform an audit and make the necessary changes.

    1. Websites are business tools, not artwork
    A lot of thought and time goes into website development. Having the right color palate, rich photo content, videos, and a number of pages to organize information are good goals for a company’s website. However, while the site should look good, it is not a work of art. It is first and foremost a business tool. Because of that, it should not just look slick, but also work hard for all customers, including those reaching it through mobile devices. While the details in creating such a site can get complicated, a mobile marketing agency can provide good guidelines.

    2. Before it will work for you, it must work for your customer 
    In order for a site to do it’s job for you, it must be a good tool for your customer. That means it should be sensitive to them and their habits. Whether a company is virtual or brick and mortar, websites are almost essential in today’s market. If a site doesn’t automatically respond to the environment in which it is being viewed, there could be problems. A smart phone’s screen will not display the same content or amount of area as a desktop monitor. The text should wrap, the photos should adjust, and videos should be viewable in all environments.

    3. To maintain web search ranking
    Website optimization is big business these days. By being listed on the first page of a customer’s search results, a company can remain where they need to be… in their customer’s line of site. While many things affect how your website is ranked, being mobilized is an important one. By not creating a mobile-friendly design or turning to a mobile marketing agency for help, a website could loose rank. By losing rank, a company could end up buried under other, perhaps less-worthy companies, simply because of the website design.

    4. So customers can quickly reach and find you
    Typically, someone looking for information while on a mobile device is busy and ready to reach out to a company for their business. Making a site mobile-friendly means making it easy for those customers to contact or find a company’s location. Properly located phone numbers that can be clicked to immediately begin a call, along with “find us” buttons that link to online maps are highly beneficial. They both allow a potential customer to act on their desire to do business with you. A customer that is ready for business is the best kind!

    5. Your competitor’s site might be optimized
    With so many websites available to your customer, they have the option to choose where they want to go. It only takes a minute for someone to get frustrated at a site that is taking too long to load or has information hidden on a page. If your site is not easy to use on a smart phone or tablet, a customer will likely continue their search and land on a site that is. With a click, that potential business goes to a competitor and the company looses the opportunity, even if they had superior service or products. A mobile marketing agency can help a businesses’ customers maintain their loyalty.

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